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Celebrating Safety and Risk Management

September 17, 2019

From the desk of Col Regena Aye, North Central Region Commander.

We have a great opportunity to raise awareness and manage risk in every environment. 

Lt Col Wildman, NCR/SE, and I have made a plan to engage North Central Region in risk management and safety.  Our plan is a series of contests and education efforts over the next several months that will lead up to a risk management celebration at the region conference in May 2020.  Each month will have a theme and we will have a contest open to seniors and cadets to send in items (memes, posters, slogans, etc.) that share or enhance our safety and risk management effort.  I am sure everyone can come up with good ideas for the contest.  Think of the catchy things we have heard over the years.  If you come up with the next catchy slogan, it could make you famous! 

Look for a Safety Saturday email each Saturday that is a combination of tips/education items and winning member efforts.  Will your name be in the credits for your great idea?  Monthly contest winners will get a  t-shirt and be entered into the grand prize drawing for 3 activity scholarships ($100) for a CAP activity to be awarded at the region conference.  Members can send as many entries as they wish.  Remember to consider the Core Values when creating your entries.  Our approach is aimed at having fun with safety and risk management!

Our theme for September is Safety Nets.  Safety nets are described, in the attached article, as actions we take that prevent an incident or an error that might lead to an incident.  I am sure you can think of several.  Using a spotter when backing a vehicle up is a safety net.  Sending reminders to cadets to hydrate and eat appropriately before physical activity is a safety net.  Slowing down when roads are icy could be a safety net. 

Don’t learn safety by accident!

Submit slogans, posters, and memes that emphasize safety nets and risk management to by 30 September 2019 for a chance to win. Include your name, rank, unit and CAPID in your submission.

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